Hello, I'm Oktay
Frontend Developer from Istanbul

I am currently working as a fulltime frontend developer @Akinon

Experiences Work & Education

Frontend Developer

Nov, 2019 Now


At Akinon company, which provides application solutions in the e-commerce sector development of new features and troubleshooting for live websites.

Full Time

Frontend Developer

Dec, 2018 Nov, 2019

Hogarth Worldwide

Banner development for ad platforms with JavaScript and CSS animations.

Full Time

Graphic Design

Aug, 2017 May, 2019

İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi

Art, color, composition. Graphic Design education.


Projects Last projects I worked on

Oktay Çolakoğlu

Oktay Çolakoğlu

My personal homepage with Gatsby and Contentful


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